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Poker is a card game that has been played for a long time. It is traditionally played in a casino or anywhere game called card room brick-and-mortar (also known as a B & M). However, with the emergence of the Internet, poker is not just limited to a B & M. Because the Internet allows you to interact with others in the comfort of your own home some people have asked, Why not play a game of poker with other people in the comfort of your own home. Thus, online poker was born.

Online poker began in the early 1990s, but over the years the internet has not been commercially exploited as it is today. Online poker has been more than a way to pass the time rather than a serious business. However, in January 1998, the first poker game that offered real money was played. The poker site on the planet has been credited for this

Since the dot com boom of the 21st century, many online poker sites appeared more and there are about 500 or more of them as of the moment. Although most of these sites share networks within the other, there are currently 16 sites stand alone. is credited as being the largest poker site in the world due to the large number of people playing poker at a given time.

Online poker has become so popular from 2000 to 2008, it actually exceeded the number of real-life players in the world. But because there are issues of legality and fear of online hacking and cheating, the demand for new players declined. To attract new players to a poker site, companies hold tournaments called satellite tournaments.

If a person wins an online tournament, he may be invited to participate in a real poker tournament life for a chance to win to win real money. The most famous person who won an online satellite tournament and also won the tournament in real life is Chris Moneymaker. He won the World Series of Poker Tournament in 2003 and won 2.5 million U.S. dollars. In the World Series of Poker in 2004, there were three times more participants than the previous year and Greg Raymer who also won a satellite tournament, reiterated the Me , exploit me Moneymaker.

The middle part of the decade was a great time for online poker. In 2004, the largest public company offers online games in that time, Sportingbet, bought for $ 340 million. At the time, was the largest poker room online and was also one of the first companies in the industry. In 2005, PartyGaming is the parent company of PartyPoker, went public and completed an initial public offering of more than 8 billion U.S. dollars.

Since then, poker has reduced the number of people who play the game and also the income they receive. In fact, some online poker sites that were supposed to make public their plans indefinitely postponed.

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One of the questions most frequently asked by people who meet online poker for the first time is how the system works behind it. It is reasonable that one might find it surprising, especially seeing the wonders that online poker makes it possible. Take that, thanks to online poker, you can get to play with someone thousands of miles away from where you are, in real time – and you begin to see the reason why we be surprised. Take also the fact that with online poker, you can get to play against the machine (as it happens in these demo games) and when you get to think about what happens behind the scenes, you would be right to be surprised. This becomes even more amazing when the system not only allows you to play against him or against a single opponent, but also against a number of opponents – often forming a virtual poker table with members from all over the world!

The wonder of online poker is, of course, made possible by the online poker software that are the foundation of these pieces online poker. When you make a motion on the screen, this is the software that interprets the movement in question and transforms it into a form that can be communicated electronically. This is also software that packs information that resulted in your making that decision, before pushing through electronic communication channels on the server hosting the poker and there computers on your opponents in poker, so they can make their movements. All this happens at the speed of light, and unless your Internet connection is found to be in trouble, you never get to know exactly how many processes are in scenes.

Two programming technologies are useful in the development of this software online poker. The first of these is what is known as object-oriented programming. Specific programming languages ​​in this category include something like C, C + + and C.Net. Java is largely a language object-oriented programming. Today, it is possible to present programs made using these technologies directly on the Internet. These programs can be online poker software we study, where a poker room Games member newspapers on the room, and once they click on the button to start play, they are taken on the application server hosting the software that manages the game. the second of these is what is known as a web scripting. With the progress we have witnessed in the web scripting technologies, we lately saw a huge increase in the number of poker software online using only this method.

The good thing about poker software online is through web script is that it tends not to be very different from the user interface through which poker players to interact with the game because the code (using programming languages ​​such as PHP, ASPX and Javascript, databases are made with MySQL) can be presented e as part of the source code that makes Web pages for online poker playing room. Ultimately, the online poker software that is properly made using web scripting technologies would tend to be better than one that is made from traditional programming languages ​​and object-oriented access , from an application server.

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More people play poker online than any other commitment casino on the World Wide Web. Poker, of course, has been elevated to a position of a major sport at the World Series of Poker and the Pro Tour were first broadcast a captivating international audiences. People around the world have seen first hand that Joes and Joans ordinary like you and me could develop a hobby into a lucrative full-time profession, and become an international star at the same time.

As we delve into the history of online poker superstars, we note that there is a constant theme that prevails throughout the development of these champions – they all started with an enthusiasm playing online poker. As they developed their skills and honed their poker skills, they were able to transition their hobby into a profession life fun as a professional poker player.

Those of you who love poker today have a distinct advantage because of the existence of free poker sites on the Net online. These online poker sites allow you to practice playing poker for as long as you want without incurring a financial penalty. In addition, when you play online poker sites online poker, you can play whenever you want to play, and you can play anywhere, you can enable an Internet connection.

These factors are intrinsic to the incredible success of the online poker sites are currently facing. You can participate in play-for-pay poker games or you can choose to play poker sites free online. The choice is yours! Many players enjoy the features of both formats of poker – they can participate in competitive poker games that can give amazing gains, or they can hone their skills and try to new strategic maneuvers poker sites free online.

Whichever way you decide to play, you will have fun! The best pleasure, however, can be found on the websites of free online poker.


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